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Article  •  4 December 2020


The most beautiful picture books of 2020

True works of art.

Hello Jimmy!

Anna Walker

Tender and touching, Hello Jimmy! tells the story of a boy named Jack who worries that his dad might be more excited about spending time with Jimmy the parrot than he is with Jack himself. Crafted with pencil, ink and collage, Anna’s illustrations are inspired by everyday details of life and the amusing antics of her own menagerie. As if the book weren’t adorable enough, Anna has created a stop-motion book trailer, available to watch here.


Stormy: A Story About Finding a Forever Home


This innovative new picture book, comprised entirely of images and no text, follows a woman as she attempts to befriend a scared, lost puppy in the park. After a rocky start, a raging storm forces the woman and the puppy together, as they realise they need one another to make it through. Author Guojing explores the idea of trust and the importance of time and determination in fostering a loving relationship in this gorgeously illustrated picture book about finding a forever home.


In a Jar

Deborah Marcero

Llewellyn, a little rabbit, is a collector. When Llewellyn and his friend Evelyn collect together, they begin to find amazing things – rainbows, the sound of the ocean and the wind just before snow falls. But one day, Evelyn announces that her family is moving away. How can two friends continue their magical collection and special friendship from afar? This captivating picture book celebrates the power of friendship and is peppered with bright, quirky illustrations throughout.


The Tree

Graeme Base

From the bestselling author of classic Australian picture book Animalia comes a sweet and funny new story about sharing and finding peace in community. Each page is so packed full of detail, you’ll spot something new every time! Cow and Duck cohabitate in a giant tree, peacefully living their own lives without really acknowledging the other. That is, until a big storm comes, and in trying to protect the tree for themselves, Cow and Duck end up destroying their home. They must work together to rebuild – perhaps they will build a friendship along the way?


Finding François

Gus Gordon

Inspired by French culture, author-illustrator Gus Gordon uses energetic line work and collage to create bright and captivating stories that will delight readers of all ages. Alice is lonely in Paris and wants nothing more than to find a friend. Through a message in a bottle, she finds François – right as the two need each other the most. This is a gorgeous book about the importance of friendship and having hope.


The Lost Library

Jess McGeachin

Constantly inspired by the natural world, author-illustrator Jess McGeachin crafts stories full of hidden details that the reader can keep finding well after their first look. The Lost Library is a magical tale about the joy of reading and the power of imagination. Jess’s illustrations are energetic, sweet and full of humanity – characteristics that earned him the coveted spot as the illustrator for the 2020 Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge.


Wild Cities

Ben Lerwill and Harriet Hobday

Wild Cities tells the astonishing tale of animals who have adapted to live in our urban world, and how you can help them thrive. This beautiful keepsake book explores cities across the world including Sydney, London, Seoul, Chicago, Warsaw, New York and many more, creating a masterpiece that’s half armchair travel guide, half detailed animal encyclopaedia. Bright colours and intricate scenes will entice kids of all ages – and adults alike!


The Bear in the Stars

Alexis Snell

The Bear in the Stars is a story about loss due to climate change, kindness and new beginnings. Lyrical and immersive, this fable not only describes the harsh fate of our world, but discusses the power kindness and empathy have to rewrite the story. Author-illustrator Alexis Snell works mainly in lino, occasionally adding water colour or gouache to finish her prints. For inspiration, Alexis seeks out old matchbox covers, record sleeves, tea boxes, the circus, postcards and films.


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Charlie Mackesy

For older readers comes a bestselling book about what truly matters in uncertain times. Here you’ll find four unlikely friends adventuring into the wild together and exploring the thoughts and feelings that unite us all. Author-illustrator Charlie Mackesy’s fast-moving line drawings give the book a sense of whimsy and joy. Read more about Charlie Mackesy in this interview.

Hello Jimmy! Anna Walker

A tender, touching story of a young boy and his father; of what comes between them and what brings them together

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Stormy Guojing

From the creator of the New York Times best-illustrated children's book award winner The Only Child, comes a gorgeous and moving wordless picture book that's perfect for dog lovers.

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In a Jar Deborah Marcero

Here's a marvelous picture book, charmingly written and beautifully illustrated, about the power of memory and the magic of friendship.

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The Tree Graeme Base

A sweet, heartfelt and funny read-a-loud with the feel of a classic and a positive message of peace and sharing. Look for the charming little characters hidden on every page, and join Cow and Duck in this beautiful story by the acclaimed creator of Animalia.

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Finding Francois Gus Gordon

A heartwarming story from award-winning author and illustrator Gus Gordon about hope, possibility and finding a friend.

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The Lost Library Jess McGeachin

The Lost Library is a magical tale of friendship, the joy of reading and the power of the imagination.

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Wild Cities Ben Lerwill

Picture a city. What do you see? Traffic and towering buildings? Or maybe you imagine something a little . . . wilder? These are the astonishing stories of the animals who are adapting to live in our urban world.

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The Bear in the Stars Alexis Snell

A beautiful lyrical picture book debut - a timely fable about climate change and the transformative power of kindness

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The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Charlie Mackesy

A reminder of what truly matters, as told through the adventures of four beloved friends. Based on Charlie's daily Instagram. For fans of Winnie-the-pooh's Little Book of Wisdom.

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