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Article  •  26 June 2020


Win a mural by Stephen Michael King

Plus a visit from Andrew Daddo!


Congratulations to the winning entry – Luke from St Philip's Christian College, Port Stephens.


A huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition! There were so many fantastic drawings and it was difficult to pick a winner. We hope you all continue to enjoy the Atticus Van Tasticus series and keep your eyes peeled for photos of the mural at St Philip's Christian College in 2021.


To celebrate Puffin’s 80th anniversary and the release of the second book in the Atticus Van Tasticus series, Puffin is giving one lucky school in Australia a school mural, painted by Stephen Michael King.

The lucky school will also receive a visit from the author Andrew Daddo, plus a set of Atticus books for every grade class in the school. The individual student who submitted the winning drawing will get a set of Atticus Van Tasticus books plus a signed limited edition drawing from Stephen Michael King.

To enter, follow these steps:

1. Ask students to draw a picture on an A4 piece of paper that they’d like to see on a school wall. The picture must contain the character Atticus Van Tasticus and a Puffin. It can be about anything they want. It can be an individual entry, or a class effort.

2. Ask each student to write their first name, class and school on the back of each entry.

3. Collect all entries and send them with a checklist cover sheet that lists:
Name of school - Contact name - Contact email - Contact phone - Size of wall (approximate). Note that wall size is limited to 3m high x 6m wide - Is the wall inside, outside or under cover? What is the wall made of?

4. Mail the information sheet and entries to:
Puffin 80th mural competition
Penguin Random House
Level 3, 100 Pacific Highway,
North Sydney NSW 2060.


Hurry! Entries close 5pm Friday 30 October 2020.

NOTE: The winning drawing will not be replicated on the school wall but Stephen Michael King will work with students and teachers to create a mural inspired by the drawing.  For terms and conditions, please see below.


Competition Terms and Conditions:

1. A shortlist of five schools will be judged on Monday 2 November 2020, and a winner chosen on Monday 7 November 2020.

2. Entries will only be accepted by post. Post must be received by 5pm AEST Friday 30 October 2020.

3. The promoter is Penguin Random House Australia.

4. The promoter will choose the winner based on originality and creativity.

5. The school must have an area suitable for a mural. Shortlisted entries will be contacted via email and phone by the promoter, to ascertain suitability.

6. The winner will be contacted via email and phone and will be announced on puffin.com.au

7. Photos of the proposed mural area must be supplied upon request of the promoter.

8. Maximum mural size must be no greater than 3m high x 6m wide.

9. The mural area must be prepped in advance by the school with an undercoat and a top coat of water based acrylic white.

10.The school agrees to assist Stephen Michael King with creation of the mural, whether with students, teachers, parents or other groups associated with the school.

11. Stephen Michael King is the project manager for the mural, in conjunction with a nominated representative from the school.

12. The promoter will supply all paints, paintbrushes, dropsheets and other materials advised by Stephen Michael King for the mural.

13. The school must have a locked area to store paints, paintbrushes and other utensils overnight

14. Stephen Michael King’s time on the school site will be limited to one school week only, Monday to Friday, during school hours only, at a time mutually convenient to the school and Stephen Michael King. The promoter will act as the coordinator of this visit. If the mural is not finished at this time, it is the school’s responsibility to complete it.

15. Stephen Michael King will work with the winning student and other students and teachers nominated by the school to design the mural. The final design will need to be approved by the school as soon as possible within the week of Stephen’s visit to the school.

16. The mural design must include a Puffin, in celebration of 80 years of Puffin publishing, and the character Atticus Van Tasticus, in celebration of the books Stephen Michael King has illustrated.

17. The author and illustrator visit by Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King can be held at a separate time to the mural being painted, and will be at a time mutually convenient to the school, Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King. The promoter will act as the coordinator of this visit.

18. The author and Illustrator visit will consist of one talk to the school, taking one hour, a half hour question and answer session, a visit to the library and photo opportunity, and a book signing.

19. The mural painting and the author and illustrator visit must be completed by 30 October 2021

20. Each grade class at the school will receive one set of signed Atticus Van Tasticus books, comprising three books per class. The school must confirm the number of classes at least 2 weeks prior to the author and illustrator visit.

21. The school will allow the promoter to provide an order form to students who may additionally wish to purchase their own editions of the Atticus Van Tasticus series to be signed by the author and illustrator during the visit.

22. The student who drew the winning art will receive one set of signed Atticus Van Tasticus books (RRP $44.97) plus a signed limited edition drawing from Stephen Michael King.

23. Each school agrees to receive the Penguin Random House Teachers’ newsletter.

24. The school agrees that copies of entries may be shared with the author and illustrator for conducting the competition and that we will destroy all copies of entries at the end of the competition.

25. Open to Australian schools only.

26. The school will work with the promoter to share stories and photos about the mural with press.

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