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Article  •  15 August 2019


Book Week 2019 – costume hacks

Are you sick of seeing Where’s Wally or a hundred Harry Potters at Book Week? Try something new with these simple Book Week costumes that will look fantastic.

We’ve ranked them from easiest to hardest to create. Best of all, we’ve concentrated on books in series, to help your child catch the reading bug!

Download your costume hacks here.

Wimpy Kid

Years: 2-6

Attitude: Walk with a slouch and you’ve nailed it

Need: White shirt or similar, shorts or jeans, trainers, backpack

Print off: Face mask

Best book to carry: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Book 1 by Jeff Kinney


Kensy and Max

Years: 3-6

Attitude: Stealthy, they’re spies

Need: All black clothing and shoes

Print off: Face masks (optional)

Best book to carry: Kensy and Max 4: Out of Sight by Jacqueline Harvey


A Peski Kid

Years: 3-6

Attitude: Slightly cheeky

For one of the Peski kids, you need: White blouse, grey skirt or pants, blue and white striped tie

For Loretta, the next-door neighbour, you need: White blouse, long brown skirt, red neck-scarf

Print off: Face masks (though not essential), squashed cockroach to carry

Best book to carry: The Peski Kids 1: The Mystery of the Squashed Cockroach by R.A. Spratt


Alice Miranda

Years: 3-6

Attitude: Confident with a skip in the step

Need: Denim jacket with badges or similar, white shirt, tutu, knee-high white socks

Optional: Drumsticks and pink bandana for the hair

Print off: Face mask – though not essential if your child looks like Alice-Miranda

Best book to carry: Alice-Miranda Keeps the Beat by Jacqueline Harvey


Atticus Van Tasticus

Years: 2-6

Attitude: Walk with a swagger and say ‘Aaargh me hearties!’

Need: Pirate hat, white shirt, pants (striped if you can), big black belt, toy sword

Print off: Face mask -- though you might not need it if you have an eye patch!

Optional: Stuffed parrot on the shoulder

Best book to carry: The Atticus Van Tasticus series by Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King is out in September so download a pic of the cover at



A mermaid

Years: 1-4

Attitude: Happy and sparkly, mimic swimming as you’re walking

Need: Bright coloured t-shirt, mermaid tail or sparkly material for tail

Print off: Sea-creature friends to carry (in a fishbowl if you want!)

Optional: Seashell handbag or accessories

Best book to carry: Mermaid Holidays 1: The Talent Show by Delphine Davis and Adele K. Thomas


Mr Bambuckle

Years: 3-6

Attitude: A little goofy

Need: Blue jacket and long blue pants, striped scarf, white shirt, grey waistcoat, red material for waist band, Converse shoes or similar

Print off: Face mask -- though not essential for any kid with short brown hair

Best book to carry: Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables Go Wild by Tim Harris


A Super Sidekick

Years: 1-5

Attitude: Super! You’re a super hero.

Need: Yellow long sleeve shirt, yellow tights, blue shorts, blue socks, blue gloves

Print off: Blue Sidekicks logo, blue eye mask, Goo to carry with you

Best book to carry: Super Sidekicks 1: No Adults Allowed! by Gavin Aung Than


A (Green) Sheep

Years: Prep-2

Attitude: Happy and joyful unless you’re the green sheep, in which case you’re sleepy

Need: 2 pieces of large coloured cardboard each cut-out in a large cloud shape, crepe paper in the colour of your choice, two cardboard strips to go over the shoulders, scissors, coloured pencils, glue

Create: Cut the crepe paper into 5cm squares, scrunch up and stick onto one side of each piece of cardboard until it’s covered, use the shoulder strips to connect the two

Print off: Face mask to colour-in

Best book to carry: Where is the Green Sheep? By Mem Fox and Judy Horacek


A Monster

Years: Prep-2

Attitude: A little bit scary – you’re a monster

Need: Light brown fleecy fabric (enough to cover your child’s body), a cardboard box big enough for your child to step into, scissors, glue, staples, cord for belt, cord to staple onto box to hold it up, small piece of white cardboard, paint or coloured pencils

Create: Drape fabric over child and cut out eye-holes in appropriate position, and arm holes. Remove top and bottom of the box so you just have the sides. Paint the house design from the cover on each side of the box. Use the top of the box to make the roof of the house and paint it red. Cut two small white teeth and staple in the mouth position. Staple roof to top of the outfit (ensure your child’s not underneath!). Use cord to tie around waist. Use second cord to tie and staple box in position at waist level.

Confession: OK this isn’t a book from a series but it is so much fun we had to include it! There are stacks of books about monsters so it’s a great theme to explore with kids

Best book to carry: A Monster in My House by the Umbilical Brothers and Jonah Potma

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