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Voss Patrick White
The novel that put Australian literature on the map is now in a Vintage Classic edition
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The Vivisector
The Vivisector Patrick White
This Patrick White masterpiece
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The Solid Mandala
The Solid Mandala Patrick White
Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature
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A Fringe Of Leaves
A Fringe Of Leaves Patrick White
From the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
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The Great Gatsby FTI
The Great Gatsby FTI F Scott Fitzgerald
The lavish and glorious Baz Luhrmann film tie-in edition of The Great Gatsby
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The Soldier's Curse
The Soldier's Curse Meg Keneally, Tom Keneally
A fast-paced, witty and gripping historical crime series from Tom Keneally and his eldest daughter Meg.
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The Unmourned
The Unmourned Meg Keneally, Tom Keneally
Not all murder victims are mourned, but the perpetrator must always be punished . . .
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The Power Game
The Power Game Meg Keneally, Tom Keneally
Being the skipper of the cutter that carries all supplies and communications between Tasmania and Maria Island is a powerful position, and a deadly one.
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The Aunt's Story
The Aunt's Story Patrick White
From Australia's first Nobel Prize-winning author.
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Kings In Grass Castles
Kings In Grass Castles Mary Durack
'The best saga of pastoral Australia ever published... hard to describe without superlatives... in a hundred years the book will still be a classic.' Meanjin
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Three Cheers For The Paraclete
Three Cheers For The Paraclete Tom Keneally
Winner of the 1968 Miles Franklin Award
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We Of The Never-Never
We Of The Never-Never Aeneas Gunn
The 100th year anniversary of this well loved Australian Classic.
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1915 Roger McDonald
The year young Australians sailed off to war in high hopes of adventure, only to find themselves faced with disaster.
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Remembering Babylon
Remembering Babylon David Malouf
Winner of the 1996 International Impac Dublin Literary Award.
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The Tree Of Man
The Tree Of Man Patrick White
One of Patrick White’s most loved novels in which he creates a memorable portrait of human resilience
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The Eye Of The Storm (film tie-in)
The Eye Of The Storm (film tie-in) Patrick White
A savage exploration of family relationships from the Nobel Prize-winning Patrick White
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The Hanging Garden
The Hanging Garden Patrick White
A previously unpublished novel from the Australian winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
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The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
The Sound Of One Hand Clapping Richard Flanagan
From the winner of the Man Booker Prize. One of the most-loved and biggest-selling literary novels in Australian history.
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Gould's Book Of Fish
Gould's Book Of Fish Richard Flanagan
From the winner of the Man Booker Prize 2014, his Commonwealth Writers’ Prize-winning novel.
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Caledonia Australis
Caledonia Australis Don Watson
With a new introduction from Inga Clendinnen.
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