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  • Published: 30 July 2024
  • ISBN: 9781761345227
  • Imprint: Penguin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $12.99

Yarn Quest 1: The Search for the Story Realm

The Search for the Story Realm


I suppose I should start at the very beginning. That would make the most sense. Now, how does it go again? Ah, yes!

Long ago (or maybe it was just yesterday?) in the depths of the cool dark bush, under fallen trees and lime green moss, lived an ancient magic. A magic that, despite what you might imagine, did not belong there at all. It especially didn’t belong at a 10-year-old’s house. But I said I would start at the beginning, so let’s do that.

The bush always had a way of whispering to Tane. When he was a baby he would cry and cry, until his mum would lay him under the old eucalyptus tree that had lived in their backyard since forever.

But on this day, the bush did more than whisper. It spoke directly to him, like a friend calling him to adventure far beyond where he’d ever gone before.

‘C’mon, Sibby, it’s only a little rain!’ Tane said after school, pulling at Sibyl’s shirt.

‘No way, not in a million years am I coming to the bush today! I’m going straight home,’ she replied. ‘Look at these shoes. Do they look like the kind of shoes you take into the muddy old bush?’ Sibyl pointed down at the most sparkly pair of pink sneakers anyone had ever laid eyes on.

Tane rolled his eyes and let go of Sibyl’s shirt.

‘Fine, have it your way. But don’t whinge to me when I find some cool new bug in the bush and get super famous or something!’

The corner of Sibyl’s lips showed the edge of a smile. She waved her arms and belly around like jellyfish that drank too much red cordial.

‘You’re invited!’ Sibyl giggled, ignoring the big kids giving her weird looks as they walked past.

‘Siiiiib, c’mon! Not today,’ Tane groaned.

‘You’re invited!’ she repeated.

Tane couldn’t help himself, he jiggled his belly and waved his arms wildly above his head too. The Under the Sea dance party was Sibyl’s favourite trick to help Tane when he was feeling cranky or upset.

‘Don’t forget,’ Sibyl called as she popped open her umbrella, ‘you have to do your speech on Monday. No more stalling or you’ll get detention!’

‘Ugh, don’t remind me! Bye, Sibby, I’ll talk to you tonight,’ Tane replied.

The home-time bell had long since gone, so Tane picked up speed outside the school gates. Running through murky puddles and the misty rain, he took the long way home towards the bush.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking, the boring old bush? But if you remember where we began, this is the resting place of powerful magic.

Yarn Quest 1: The Search for the Story Realm Jade Goodwin, Brooke Scobie

A breathtaking fantasy-adventure trilogy. Do you dare step into the Realm? A magical journey awaits . . .

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