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Brooke Scobie
Photo Credit: Tessa Moana

Brooke Scobie

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Brooke Scobie is a queer, auDHD, First Nations mum, author and poet that lives on Darkinjung land. Ever since she was very little, Brooke has loved books and stories. Which, of course, makes sense since she grew up with a mum whose favourite thing was her overflowing bookcase and reading before bed.

Brooke is most passionate about creating stories and worlds where weird, wonderful kids and adults of all shapes and sizes can see themselves in magical places, on extraordinary adventures! She hopes that one day every child who reads her stories will know they can be a storyteller too.

Brooke has brown hair most of the time, though it’s also been pink, blue, green and purple. She loves swimming in the ocean, big bags of chips and fart jokes.

Books by Brooke Scobie

Yarn Quest 1: The Search for the Story Realm

A breathtaking fantasy-adventure trilogy. Do you dare step into the Realm? A magical journey awaits . . .

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Yarn Quest 2: The Great River Rescue

The second instalment in the debut fantasy trilogy. A magical adventure awaits!

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Yarn Quest 3: The Power of the Heart

The third book in the debut fantasy trilogy. A magical adventure awaits!

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