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Every day, at home, at work, at play and at school, we are all forced to confront generational wars.

Every day, at home, at work, at play and at school, we are all forced to confront generational wars.

The rules for living in families and raising children have changed dramatically in the last decade. Families are shrinking, parents are having children later in life and adolescence now stretches for twenty years with young people just not leaving home. In fact, such are the generational changes that some parents now leave home before their kids.

The world is increasingly crowded as an alphabet soup of generations exists side by side in workplaces, within the community and within families. With the traditional three score and ten years stretching to four score and more there are currently five generations coexisting: the silent generation, babyboomers, Generations, X, Y and Z. So how do Gen Xer's raise their children? Are Gen Y's just Babyboomers recycled or are they defined by the times they live in? Will outsourcing and grandparenting be replaced by surrogate parenting?

To understand children and parents today it essential to look at the context in which we live. Michael Grose helps readers understand how each generation thinks and functions and presents ideas to help us live with each other in imperfect harmony. He takes a look at the challenges of raising Gen X families - small families - and provides a new parenting model for raising 21st century kids.

XYZ: The New Rules of Generational Warfare provides essential strategies for parents who are struggling to raise Generation Y and provides tips and strategies to help Generation Y live with their parents!


Grose’s book is filled mostly with parenting tips, especially for Baby Boomers, but there’s enough advice on workplace clashes to make it an insightful and entertaining read for employers as well.

Rose-Anne Manns, AFR Boss Magazine

Although I was initially sceptical about the prevailing obsession with generational distinctions - all this X,Y and Z nonsense - Michael Grose’s succinct and highly engaging book quickly converted me to the notion that your generation does indeed define, to some degree, anyway, who you are.

Dianne Dempsey, The Age

A book of common sense and practical strategies designed to comfort.

The Sydney Morning Herald

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