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Part three of Richelle Mead's dazzling trilogy of interwoven novels that's The Selection meets Reign.

Tamsin Wright is unstoppable. Whatever the cost, she must become the most desirable jewel of the Glittering Court: the girl with the highest test scores, the most glamorous wardrobe, and the greatest opportunities to match with an elite suitor in the New World. If she can marry well, she’ll finally be able to support her struggling family, and to do that she’ll have to be the best.
Realising her friendship with her roommates Mira and Adelaide could threaten her status as the top-ranked prospect, Tamsin does the only thing she knows will keep her on track: she cuts them out of her life. But when her voyage across the sea goes off course, Tamsin must use her unrelenting grit and determination to survive a harsh winter and make it back to the Glittering Court in time to secure a proposal.
Experiencing other cultures and beliefs for the first time, Tamsin gradually learns that her careful studies haven’t prepared her for everything. With new alliances formed with roguish tradesman Jago Robinson and good-natured minister Gideon Stewart, her heart begins to be pulled in different directions. But she can’t let her feelings get in the way of her ultimate goal: protecting the dark secret that, if uncovered, could threaten everything she’s ever desired.

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    June 27, 2018

    Penguin eBooks

    496 pages

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Chapter 1

Being better than everyone else was exhausting work.

That had been true for most of my life. I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t helping support my family, fighting for every copper we earned. If you slacked off in Osfro’s bustling market district, even for an instant, then you were just opening the door for someone else to move in and snatch your triumph for themselves.

That hadn’t changed when I moved into a household of girls all vying to marry wealthy men in a far-off land. Others here at Blue Spring Manor might think they could ease up, and that only worked to my advantage. Let them think they could coast now. Let them all hate me. I wouldn’t lose my edge. I’d stay focused on my prize, never getting distracted by people or frivolity.

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