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The third thrilling book in Jodi McAlister’s page-turning Valentine series.

The third thrilling book in Jodi McAlister’s page-turning Valentine series.

Things that happen sometimes when your boyfriend is a magical fairy prince: he gets kidnapped by his older brother and whisked away to fulfil his destiny in their magical fairy kingdom.

But Pearl Linford is not having that. It’s time for a rescue mission. Pearl told Finn she was coming to get him and she's not going to let anyone in her way.

But will Finn want to be saved? And should she have listened to all those people who told her he wasn't worth saving?


Unputdownable – I finished this book in one night. This series slays me – Jodi McAlister has done it again. Not to be missed.

Ellie Marney, acclaimed author of Every Breath

When it comes to magic, we can’t get enough and this book fulfils all of our Harry Potter–loving needs. If you haven't caught the Valentine series by Aussie author Jodi McAlister, then you're in for a treat.


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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    February 5, 2019


    416 pages

    RRP $19.99

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    February 5, 2019

    Penguin eBooks

    416 pages

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The field is full of flowers.  

None of those words is a lie, but they’re not true either, because they’re too small, too inadequate, too little to describe the field, its fullness, the flowers.

The sea of flowers stretches away as far as the eye can see in every direction, the most glorious carpet in the world. It undulates up the gentle curves of the rolling hills and down again, an ocean of every colour you can imagine. It’s like looking at one of those magic eye things, where if you stare at it long enough, a new picture will emerge, a dog or a pony or a house.

It’s overwhelming. There are so many flowers, so many colours, and if I lay down right here they would close over me. It would be like being put to bed under the loveliest quilt in the world. Lie down, precious Pearl, my mother’s voice would whisper. I’ll tuck you in.

I would lie down, and I would close my eyes, and the flowers would grow around me. They would grow through the gaps in my fingers and toes, the crooks of my joints, petals brushing my skin like the gentlest fingers. Flowers would grow out of my mouth and eyes and ears and I would melt away, and then there would be nothing, just a field full of flowers, gently waving in the breeze.

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