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Get to the bottom of the Upside Down and all the other Stranger Things.

Who is Chief Hopper, really? What the hell is a Mind Flayer? Have we seen the extent of Eleven’s powers yet? Where are all the other numbered children? What’s up with the Demogorgon’s face? Can Hopper and Joyce just hook up, already?!

If you, like us – and millions around the world – are Hopper(ing) mad for Stranger Things to the power of Eleven, as the closing-credits roll you’re most likely left with more questions than answers. Thankfully, we’ve got a direct line to the Upside Down, via prequels, character backstories, graphic novels, behind-the-scenes companion texts and survival guides. Here’s everything you need to take your Stranger Things knowledge to the next dimension. Just remember to close the Gate on your way out.

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