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Celebrate eighty years of Batman with the Caped Crusader on the page. Thwack!!

From DC artists Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s original 1939 character ‘The Bat-Man’, to the ultra-camp 1960s TV adaptation, to Frank Miller’s 1980s The Dark Knight Returns revival, to Tim Burton’s 1989 interpretation and onwards to more recent Justice League and Suicide Squad incarnations – in his eighty years fighting crime in Gotham City, the character of Batman has worn many… erm… capes. Whatever your favourite Caped Crusader era, we’ve got comics, graphic novels, omnibuses and spin-offs to keep the Dark Knight’s spirit alive. Here are some books that prove you don’t need a Bat-Signal to celebrate Batman’s eightieth birthday in style. (Type ‘Batman’ in the search bar for literally dozens more.) Biff! Zok! Kapow!

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