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An introduction to the global assignments of Adrian d’Hagé’s dogged CIA investigator.

Battalion Commander, Military Cross recipient, Member of the Order of Australia, counter terrorism expert and now international relations academic – author Adrian d’Hagé’s list of life achievements reads like that of an modern-day action hero. Which makes him more than qualified to pen the exploits of his character, CIA agent and international conspiracy-buster Curtis O’Connor.

From the jungles of Central America to China’s western frontier, the political hot-bed of the Middle East to the corridors of Western Democracy, O’Connor’s sinister world of global backstabs and power grabs knows no geographical bounds. Here’s an introduction to some of the terrain he’s covered so far.

The Beijing Conspiracy (2008)

The threat of a devastating biological terrorist attack emerges from China’s western-most province. The White House is dismissive. But CIA agent Curtis O’Connor thinks otherwise, as does Australian scientist Kate Braithwaite. As the two work together to unravel the riddles of the warning, they discover a threat even more sinister than they had imagined…

The Maya Codex (2010)

Deep in the Guatemalan jungle lies the Maya Codex, an ancient document containing a terrible warning for civilisation. Archaeologist Dr Aleta Weizman and the CIA’s Curtis O’Connor are desperately searching for the codex, but powerful forces in Washington and Rome will do anything to stop them.

The Inca Prophecy (2012)

A terrible fate awaits humankind if the Inca Prophecy cannot be found. An eerie clue to the Prophecy lies heavily guarded beneath the Vatican. Another is hidden near the famous Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. Aleta Weizman and Curtis O’Connor must unearth both clues if they are to decode the prophecy’s meaning before it’s too late.

The Alexandria Connection (2014)

In the shifting desert sands of Egypt, rumours abound of a lost papyrus that will reveal the true purpose of the Pyramids of Giza. Could these ancient monoliths be the source of a new kind of energy, one that comes at no cost to the planet? Curtis O’Connor and Aleta Weizman are determined to find out. But they’re not alone…

The Russian Affair (2018)

Russian President Petrov is determined to restore his country’s dominance on the world stage at any price. He recruits Ilana Rabinovich, a beautiful but lethal scientist, to further his cause. But the Israelis then assign her an even more dangerous mission: to penetrate the US nuclear facilities in the deserts of Los Alamos. If the information falls into the wrong hands the results could be devastating. It’s up to Curtis O’Connor to stop them. 

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