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Books that have won the women’s prize for fiction

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7 amazing books by female authors that have won the Women's Prize for Fiction.

The Women’s Prize for Fiction is a UK-based literary prize celebrating novels by female authors.

After the Booker Prize shortlist of 1991 included only men, a diverse group of reviewers, agents, publishers, and booksellers gathered to discuss the purpose of prizes and what could be done to tip the scales.

The group established that it was of utmost importance to bring women writers to the public’s attention, and thus the idea for the Women’s Prize for Fiction was born. It took a few more years of research and searching for sponsorship before the first official prize was awarded in 1996 to Helen Dunmore for A Spell of Winter.

Since then, the Women’s Prize for Fiction has continued to platform female authors from around the world and become one of the most prestigious literary prizes.

Outside the prize, the Women’s Prize Trust continues to champion women writers with its programs, support, and podcast.