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Hogarth Shakespeare: transcending the centuries to redefine timeless storytelling.

For more than 400 years, Shakespeare’s works have been performed, read, recited, taught and loved around the world, and reinterpreted for each new generation, as films, plays, musicals or literary transformations. The Hogarth Shakespeare project is where the world’s favourite playwright meets today’s best-loved novelists – reimagining The Bard’s works for a contemporary readership. Here’s an introduction to the first five books in this ground-breaking series.

  • The 'riotous, insanely readable' new novel from the author of THE HANDMAID'S TALE

  • A re-envisaging of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, from the Man Booker Prize-winner and our great chronicler of Jewish life.

  • A story of love and jealousy, tragedy and forgiveness, a lost child and a found family

  • No one does family like Anne Tyler - and the Battistas might be her most appealing yet…the new novel from the bestselling author of A Spool of Blue Thread

  • The bestselling author of Girl with a Pearl Earring returns with a tale of jealousy, bullying and revenge in a 1970s schoolyard.

  • Edward St Aubyn, ‘perhaps the most brilliant novelist of his generation’ (Alan Hollinghurst), takes on King Lear for the Hogarth Shakespeare series

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