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14 science books for kids

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Including action-packed projects, awe-inspiring images and fascinating facts!

Inspire a love of science in your young reader with some of our best children's science books. Covering chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, technology – and every other -ology you could dream of – they're perfect curriculum companions as well as brilliant gifts. Browse below!

1. Ask a Scientist – age 7-9 years

Why do people itch? Do plants have feelings? How do volcanoes erupt? Featuring 100 questions from real kids around the world – and expert answers from Professor Robert Winston – this weird and wonderful Q&A book is an eye-opening adventure...

2. Science You Can Eat – age 7-9 years

Tickle your taste buds and fire up your science brain! This is a fun and flavourful adventure through the science of food by Stefan Gates. Including the world’s smelliest fruit, the sticky science of gum, glowing drinks and colour-changing cabbage, this book will cook up some great classroom lessons and conversations.

3. Why Does the Earth Need the Moon? – age 7-9 years

Featuring sinkholes and stalactites, mammoths and meteors, this globe-trotting question book will keep young readers in awe for hours at a time.

4. Science is Magic – age 5-7 years

Science experiments meet magic tricks in this infectiously fun book of simple projects by Steve Mould. Young Houdinis will love wowing their friends as they make tinsel levitate and glass beakers disappear – all with the power of science! Take a sneak peek inside this book right now with our article 3-Step Science Magic Trick for Kids.​

5. Science Lab – age 9-11 years

An action-packed and accessible introduction to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), this brilliant book includes step-by-step projects for young scientists. Kids can learn how to build a wind-up car, a wind turbine, a suspension bridge, a geodesic dome and more!

6. Outdoor Maker Lab – age 9-11 years

Learning doesn’t need to happen under a roof – take exciting science into the great outdoors with this extraordinary book of projects. Learn about everything under the sun with interactive experiments including a water rocket, a latitude locator, giant bubbles and more.

7. Crafty Science – age 5-7 years

DIY and science combine in this creative craft book for kids. Discover the science of buoyancy by building a plastic bottle boat, and create a swirling snowstorm in a jar to understand gravity. 

8. Science Squad – age 5-7 years

Packed with zany characters and cheerful text, this is the perfect introduction to STEM learning. Breaking complex concepts into understandable chunks, it answers questions like How do robots work? What is a food chain? And where does lightning come from?

9. How to Be an Engineer – age 7-9 years

Curious kids will adore this powerful project book by Carol Vorderman, which encourages young engineers to discover the extraordinary science in the everyday. Discover jet propulsion using balloons and build a robot arm from rulers, all while learning how to think like an engineer.

10. Women in Science – age 5 to 7 years

This inspiring reader shines light on extraordinary women whose scientific discoveries transformed the world. From Hypatia to Marie Curie, it’s packed full of fascinating facts and is the perfect companion to a STEM curriculum.

11. Knowledge Encyclopedia Science – age 9-11 years

Explore jaw-dropping details of the natural world in this spectacular science compendium. Young readers will be enthralled by extraordinary images as they learn about storm clouds, tectonic plates, molecules, magnetism and more.

12. The Bacteria Book – age 7-9 years

A surefire winner with even reluctant readers, this fun and silly guide by Steve Mould is full of delightfully disgusting knowledge to make you say “Ew!” Take a sneak peek inside this book right now with our article 5 Fantastically Gross Bacteria Facts.

13. Robot – age 9-11 years

Dive into today’s most cutting-edge robotics technology with this truly eye-opening book on the machines of the future. Including bionic ants, surgeon robots, and the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI), kids and adults alike will be wowed without end. Take a sneak peek inside this book right now with our article 5 Awesome Animal Robots You Have to See to Believe.

14. All About Virtual Reality – age 7-9 years

How does VR work? This exceptional book allows children to understand virtual reality technology, and to hop aboard the International Space Station without leaving their seat! Including a VR viewer to make at home, plus an accompanying app and stickers, this book is the perfect introduction to the science of virtual reality.