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Photo Credit: Emanuel Rudnicki

Aśka, (pronounced 'Ash-ka'), is creative dynamite! She’s an energetic visual storyteller, an ex-quantum physicist and a talented science communicator. A hugely engaging and popular presenter, Aśka is passionate about visual literacy and has published more than ten books, comics and graphic novels; in Australia and overseas. Her recent titles include the multi-award shortlisted YA graphic novel Stars in Their Eyes (with Jessica Walton) and Aśka is also a recipient of several Australian arts grants, prizes and fellowships. When she’s not creating books, Aśka is travelling across Australia, teaching drawing-as-a-language to enthusiastic audiences of all ages.

Books by Aśka

How to Save the Whole Blinkin' Planet

Let’s go on a renewable energy adventure and imagine a brighter future for the whole blinkin’ planet! Join engaging TV host and science communicator Lee Constable and award-winning graphic novelist and ex-quantum physicist Aśka, as they explore the future of energy.

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