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About the book
  • Published: 1 September 2010
  • ISBN: 9781407040561
  • Imprint: Transworld Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 416

Killing Rommel

North Africa, 1942: an elite British Army unit is on a deadly mission…

It is Autumn,1942. Hitler's legions have swept across Europe and France has fallen. On the Eastern Front, Soviet Russia reels under the German onslaught. Across the channel, a beleagured Britain struggles on in near-isolation. And in North Africa, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel and his unstoppable Panzers have routed the Eighth Army and now threatens the vital oil fields of the Middle East. With the outcome of the war hanging in the balance, the British hatch a desperate plan – to send a small, heavily armed yet highly mobile force behind enemy lines to strike a blow that will stop the Afrika Korps in its tracks. It is to be called the Long Range Desert Group and its exploits will become the stuff of legend.

Narrated by a young lieutenant, Steven Pressfield's bold new novel brings to life the ingenuity, agility and daring of this maverick commando unit. Describing in detail the tactics, the weaponry and the specialized skills needed for combat under extreme desert conditions, he captures too the camaraderie and courage of a disparate, dedicated 'band of brothers' who sacrificed so much for the sake of freedom.
Combining historical authenticity with thrilling, explosive action, Killing Rommel confirms that we are in the company of a great storyteller – a master chronicler of the fighting man, whether amidst the mountain passes of ancient Greece or the scorching Saharan sands of a more recent world at war…

  • Pub date: 1 September 2010
  • ISBN: 9781407040561
  • Imprint: Transworld Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 416

About the Author

Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield is a bestselling historical novelist whose books include the classic Gates of Fire, Tides of War, Alexander: Virtues of War, The Afghan Campaign and Killing Rommell. He lives in California.
His website is www.stevenpressfield.com

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Praise for Killing Rommel

“A splendid tour de force, one that brings to life the heroism, sacrifice, tragedy, frustration, fear and - yes - thrill of war”


“No one writes better historical fiction than Steven Pressfield”


“Readers of Steven Pressfield know that his stylish and meticulous novels of battle can rise as far above an often dismal genre as Patrick O'Brian's. After two tales of Alexander the Great, he shifts epochs - without any softening of his flinty, rhythmic and laconic prose - to dramatise an episode of the Desert War in North Africa...Presented as the memoirs of a highly literate publisher, this account of the clandestine operation "where a single individual might make a difference" shuns false heroics to paint the true face of irregular war in the wilderness”


“A terrific read - gripping from start to finish...this is historical fiction at its very best”


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