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About the book
  • Published: 25 July 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448104642
  • Imprint: Vintage Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 256

I Can See in the Dark

A brilliant psychological crime novel for readers looking for something dark and disturbing: a man has done something awful, but now he's been accused of a crime he knows he didn't commit

Riktor doesn’t like the way the policeman comes straight into the house without knocking. He doesn’t like the arrogant way he observes his home.The policeman doesn’t tell him why he’s there, and Riktor doesn’t ask. Because he knows he’s guilty of a terrible crime.

But it turns out that the policeman isn’t looking for a missing person. He is accusing Riktor of something totally unexpected. Riktor doesn’t have a clear conscience, but this is a crime he certainly didn’t commit.

  • Pub date: 25 July 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448104642
  • Imprint: Vintage Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 256

About the Author

Karin Fossum

Karin Fossum’s critically acclaimed novels have won numerous prizes. She is two-time winner of the prestigious Riverton Award and has also won the Glass Key Award for the best Nordic crime novel, an honour shared with Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo, as well as the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Her highly acclaimed Inspector Sejer series has been published in more than forty countries.

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Praise for I Can See in the Dark

“An absolute must for any fan of thrillers who wants something a bit dark and disturbing... Fans of both Kathy Reichs and Sophie Hannah should enjoy this book immensely.”

We Love This Book

“The storytelling is outstanding... Dark, brilliant, and guaranteed to leave you a little queasy”


“Unsettling and scarily well written”

Ian Rankin, Guardian

“A dark and disturbing thriller - a story of madness which is controlled and kept hidden until anger and rage break that control and the dark depths spring out”

Get West London

“Another off-kilter winner”

Ian Rankin, Scotsman

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