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  • Published: 14 May 2020
  • ISBN: 9781473543034
  • Imprint: Transworld Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 608


The epic new novel from the author of Lancelot

Following the bestselling Lancelot, Giles Kristian returns to the Arthurian legend in his epic, heart-pounding new novel to tell the story of Galahad, son of Lancelot . . .

'So beautiful, so haunting . . . bitingly real . . . Giles has given us a vital, glorious story: rich, rewarding, and utterly revealing of our times' MANDA SCOTT

Following the acclaimed Sunday Times bestselling Lancelot, Giles Kristian's new novel returns us to the Arthurian legend . . .

The Saxons have returned and their war bands stalk the land. The lords of Britain look only to their own survival, unable or unwilling to unite as they once did under Arthur.

And in a monastery hidden in the marshlands of Avalon, a novice monk prepares to take his vows. However, two strangers - the wild-spirited, Saxon-killing Iselle and the ageing warrior Gawain - will pluck him from his sheltered existence and his world will be turned upside down.

Together they will go in search of the last druid, to find the cauldron of a god, and to raise an army to hold the darkness at bay.

And as they journey, so the novice will cast aside his training and embrace his legacy.

For he is a warrior born.

His name is Galahad. And he is the son of Lancelot . . .

  • Published: 14 May 2020
  • ISBN: 9781473543034
  • Imprint: Transworld Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 608

About the author

Giles Kristian

Family history (he is half Norwegian) and a passion for the fiction of Bernard Cornwell inspired GILES KRISTIAN to write. Set in the Viking world, his bestselling ‘Raven’ and ‘The Rise of Sigurd’ trilogies have been acclaimed by his peers, reviewers and readers alike. In The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury, he tells the story of a family torn apart by the English Civil War. He also co-wrote Wilbur Smith’s No.1 bestseller, Golden Lion. In his most recent novel, the Sunday Times bestsellerLancelot, Giles plunged into the rich waters of the Arthurian legend. For his next book, he continues his epic reimagining of our greatest island 'history'.
Giles Kristian lives in Leicestershire.

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Praise for Camelot

Adventure, intrigue and love abound in this retelling of a tale that is veiled in myth and legend . . . Kristian's writing weaves a spell on the reader as surely as Merlin at the height of his powers. Kristian has done it again. Camelot is a wonderful book.

MATTHEW HARFFY, author of The Serpent Sword

This is SUCH a good book. I loved it - the sense of time and place is so beautiful, so haunting. And the people, as ever, are bitingly real. Wrapped in the rich lore of the Arthurian saga, Giles has given us a vital, glorious story: rich, rewarding, and utterly revealing of our times - Camelot is a novel you'll savour long after the last page has been turned.

MANDA SCOTT, author of A Treachery of Spies

Camelot gave me one-hell of a punch. It contained some of the best writing in historical-fiction today and completely knocked me off my feet. It had the emotion and intimacy of Lancelot, just with something more. A phenomenal read.


Kristian's sequel to his acclaimed Arthurian novel Lancelot is, in some ways, even better than the first book . . . evokes post-Roman Britain in a masterly fashion, totally immersing the reader into the dank, misty, marshlands of hounded Britons and brutal Saxon invaders; of Merlin's twisty, amoral magic and the raw, skinned-knuckle courage of the warrior trapped in the bloody crush of the shield wall. It is, in short, a triumph. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Bernard Cornwell's seminal Warlord Chronicles.

ANGUS DONALD, author of Outlaw

After finishing Lancelot, I had my doubts whether Camelot could have the same impact on me, whether it could captivate and enchant me in the same way. I needn't have feared. Kristian once again works his sorcery, and weaves a superb blend of high fantasy and historical fiction, enriched by luscious prose . . . herein lies the beauty of Camelot, it is a book where the past hauntingly mirrors the present.


A wonderfully crafted novel . . . a good book is one that will take you through a range of emotions, from laughter to tears, and that will - when you get to the final page - leave you bereft that there is no more to read, and disappointed that you know you will not read anything so good any time soon. Camelot fills all these criteria. It surprises you at every turn. It is probably the best book I will read this year - and it's only April!


Just brilliant . . . I loved this book. From the prose, to characters, to action sequences. Everything in this book is brilliant. That is partly due to my love for anything Arthurian, but it is also due to the intricate and powerful story Giles Kristian has magically created.


Camelot sees the storytelling brilliance of Giles Kristian reach for and attain new heights . . . this duology for me is now the go-to Arthurian tale, surpassing Bernard Cornwell's . . . it truly is a classic.


What a wonderful book. Beautifully evocative and bone-crunchingly bloody, filled with characters I loved and hated, all conveyed in beautifully lyrical prose and edged with the sense of hope and tragedy that is essential for any retelling of the Arthurian tale. It was fabulous to go back to 5th-century Britain and dive into the fray again.

JOHN GWYNNE, author of the Of Blood and Bone Trilogy

Giles Kristian has set himself a rather monumental task. Namely, how do you follow a novel like LANCELOT - surely already a classic in the Arthurian canon and one of those books that leaves you with your head swimming and your heart thumping long after you've read the last word? His monumental answer is: CAMELOT . . . an immense achievement . . . together, these two novels represent something altogether more monumental. Nothing short of a new milestone in British myth-making. It deserves to be an instant classic and I'd bet my last arm-ring that it will be.


This the second volume in Giles Kristian's retelling of the Arthurian legend which started with the superb Lancelot. Kristian has created a powerful, dark vision of Arthur's Britain, where magic has its limits and the worst monsters are human.

Antonia Senior, THE TIMES

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