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Break-ups suck but you don't have to suck at break-ups.

Break-ups are awful, and they’re very real, but that doesn’t mean they get to take over your whole life for a year. YOU can take charge. YOU can be the boss of your break-up. YOU can choose to see it as a gift. And you dang well should! Life is too short not to learn and grow from our romantic upheavals, then move the hell forward!

Break-up Boss gives you all the tools and techniques (and lots of lectures – cute!) to deal with all of the stages of your break-up, and just as you need it: in your pocket, as you’re about to call your ex/have another shot of tequila. This is a Real Life, no-nonsense picture of a break-up, and an enthusiastic, empowered and positive view of how to deal with it.

Think of it as a teeny-weeny pocket coach! Always on your side, and with a singular goal: to get you through this break-up in a positive, healthy fashion, and over onto the sunny unicorn-saturated hill of self-confidence and happiness. Or at the very least, to not text your ex just cos it’s Sunday and you’re sad and hungover and fancy some hanky panky.

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    April 30, 2018

    Michael Joseph

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