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Victor Kelleher was born in London and came to Australia in 1976 via Africa and New Zealand. After an academic career he now writes both children's and adults' novels full-time. His books for Random House Australia include Johnny Wombat, To The Dark Tower, Del-Del and Beyond The Dusk. Victor has been shortlisted for many awards including the Australian Children's Book of the Year Award and the Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award. He remains one of Australia's most celebrated authors.

Books by Victor Kelleher

Gibblewort the Goblin: The Summer Holiday Collection
Gibblewort the Goblin: Get Me Outta Here Collection
Gibblewort the Goblin: The Winter Escape Collection
Taronga: Australian Children's Classics
My Big Book of Nibbles
Goblin In The Bush
Goblin On The Reef
Goblin In The City
Goblin At The Beach
Big Big Gibblewort The Goblin
Gibblewort The Goblin
Del Del
The Beast of Heaven
Micky Darlin'