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The Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation

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The Penguin Foundation raises funds to protect Phillip Island's native wildlife and enhance the natural environment through research, conservation and education programs.

Books by The Penguin Foundation

The Littlest Penguin

The adorable little penguins come waddling and tumbling out of the water and up the hill, back to their burrows on the island . . . But that’s just the end of an even more amazing story.
Where have they been? What adventures did they have? A charming story for young readers that follows a group of gorgeous little penguins out to sea and back to their beloved Phillip Island.

Beautifully illustrated on every page and packaged as a small gift-hardback format, this is as irresistible as the cuddly little birds the story is based on.

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Look inside The Littlest Penguin

Sneak a peek inside this adorable full-colour hardback created in partnership with the Penguin Foundation.

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