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Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly are a comedy double act who make kids LOL. When they are not on tour with their live shows (or travelling interdimensionally) they live in Melbourne, Australia.
They met doing student theatre at uni way back in the olden days. They enjoyed performing together so much that they decided to start making their own comedy shows. First they did crazy shows for adults, then they switched to making crazy shows for kids. Their first kids show was called ‘More Fun Than a Wii!’ Lots of people liked it, hardly anyone spewed. They took it to Edinburgh and had a great time.
Since then they have made eight more shows, which they tour all over the place, they have recorded three albums, a podcast and two TV shows – The Listies Work for Peanuts and Art Blast (which are both on ABC iView). Their first book, Ickypedia, is an encyclopedia of words that don’t exist but should. Their second book, Ickyfoodia, is a gross and totally hilarious ‘encyclopedia of food’.

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