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Tamer Elnoury

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Tamer Elnoury was born in Egypt and emigrated to the United States before his fifth birthday. Elnoury began his career in law enforcement in 1995. After a brief stint with a fugitive task force, he began working in undercover narcotics. Elnoury worked in more than 2,500 narcotics investigations as well as political corruption, gun trafficking and child abuse cases. In 2008, Elnoury began working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He joined an elite, covert, counterterrorism unit. Elnoury has worked cases all over the world for multiple government agencies.

Books by Tamer Elnoury

Terrorist Hunter

The gripping true story of the undercover agent risking his life to fight terrorism

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American Radical

The true story of the undercover Muslim FBI agent risking his life to save yours

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