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Samuel Bjork
Photo Credit: Harald Oren

Samuel Bjork

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Samuel Bjork is the pen name of Norwegian novelist, playwright and singer/songwriter Frode Sander Øien. The Munch and Krüger series features three books: the Richard & Judy Bookclub bestseller I'm Travelling Alone,The Owl Always Hunts At Night and The Boy in the Headlights.

Books by Samuel Bjork

The Boy in the Headlights

How can you stop a murderer when you cannot predict their next move? A serial killer is choosing his victims at random, it is a detective's worst nightmare and the ultimate challenge for Munch and Kruger.

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The Owl Always Hunts at Night

'Gives Jo Nesbo a run for his money' Sunday Express
The second dark and twisted Norwegian crime thriller from the author of I'm Travelling Alone, the Richard and Judy bookclub bestseller

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I'm Travelling Alone

A complex and sophisticated crime thriller from an astonishing new talent

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