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Sam Miller was born and brought up in London, but has spent much of his adult life in India. He is a former BBC journalist and is the author of Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity (2009), Blue Guide: India (2012) and A Strange Kind of Paradise: India Through Foreign Eyes (2014). He is also the translator of The Marvellous (But Authentic) Adventures of Captain Corcoran (2016) by Alfred Assollant.

Books by Sam Miller


Sam Miller's moving, personal account of his relationship with his father, Karl Miller, and the family secret they never spoke about

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A Strange Kind of Paradise

From Thomas the Apostle to Slumdog Millionaire: how we imagine India, from the author of Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity.

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An extraordinary portrait of one of the world's largest cities and India's baffling, bustling capital.

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