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Roger Highfield

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Roger Highfield is an author, journalist, broadcaster, and Science Director at the Science Museum Group. He is a member of the Medical Research Council and Visiting Professor of Public Engagement at the University of Oxford and University College London. Prior to his work at the Science Museum Group, he was the editor of New Scientist and the science editor of the Daily Telegraph. He has written or co-authored eight popular science books, and edited J. Craig Venter’s autobiography,A Life Decoded (Allen Lane/Viking, 2007), which was shortlisted for the Royal Society’s Science Book Prize.

Books by Roger Highfield

The Science Museum Stephen Hawking Genius at Work

An intimate exploratory tour of Stephen Hawking's office, providing a unique insight into the mind of a genius and the things that inspired him

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The Dance of Life

A journey into the new frontier of how a single fertilised egg becomes a complex human being

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