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Peter Jazwinski

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Peter Jazwinski attended the University of Texas and while he was there, wrote for and produced a local television show called The Austin Comedy Network. In 1989, he moved to San Diego where he founded the Seven Faces Theater Company and had his first play produced. He then moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and entered the entertainment business as a model and actor, where he appeared briefly in The Mask with Jim Carrey and directed a play called A Night in Natrona. He was the very definition of a "working actor."
Peter then switched his focus, and began to give advice to fellow "working actors." He runs an acting workshop, and writes a newsletter, THE AGENT NEWS, and an ASK PETE column for one of the largest New York-based acting websites, nycasting.com.

Books by Peter Jazwinski

Act Now!

Finally, a book that tells you step-by-step exactly how to become a working actor. The other books out there rely on one person's specific experiences and provide the basics, not the specifics.

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