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Miklós Bánffy

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Miklós Bánffy (1873-1950) was a Hungarian nobleman with extensive estates in Hungarian Transylvania (now Romania), first patron of Bela Bartok and briefly Hungarian foreign minister after WW1. His castle and great library were deliberately destroyed by the retreating Nazis in 1944.

Books by Miklós Bánffy

They were counted.The Transylvania Trilogy. Vol 1.

A trilogy of significant and addictive works describing the decline of Hungary in the years before the first world war

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They Were Found Wanting and They Were Divided

Banffy’s extraordinary novel set in Hungary and Transylvania in the years before the First World War and published in Hungary between 1934 and 1940 is of a Tolstoyan quality and range that recalls the greatest Russian and French novelists of the nineteenth century.

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