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Melissa Sharp
Photo Credit: Laura Edwards

Melissa Sharp

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When bakery owner, Melissa Sharp, was faced with a serious illness in 2010 she was forced to confront the connection between stress, nutrition and chronic ill health. This realisation led to Melissa discovering that you don’t need to miss out on taste if you want to eat healthily. Melissa teamed up with professionally trained artisan baker Lindsay Stark, and their idea for a bakery serving nourishing cakes, breads, biscuits and bars was born. All the ingredients used are of good provenance, the food tastes great and the brand inherently promotes healthy living. All of their distinctive range of organic breads and cakes use only traditional grains, sourdoughs and natural sugars.

Books by Melissa Sharp

Modern Baker: A New Way To Bake

Cakes, biscuits and breads made from natural ingredients and sourdough starters

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