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Matt Nable
Photo Credit: Greg Beyer 2009

Matt Nable is a writer and actor. He stars in The Killer Elite alongside Clive Owen and Robert De Niro, and 33 Postcards alongside Guy Pearce. He wrote and starred in The Final Winter (2007), an independent Australian film that has since been released internationally, and appears in the upcoming series of East West 101 (SBS Television). Two of his screenplays are currently in development. With his wife and three children, Matt divides his time between Sydney and Los Angeles. He is the author of the novels We Don't Live Here Anymore (2009) and Faces in the Clouds (2011).

Books by Matt Nable


He was glad he existed, ecstatic; he was so close to the edge of a new life, they all were, he and his friends.  Without their parents to tell them yes or no.  It was freedom. 

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Faces in the Clouds

An original, honest and piercing examination of the power of love and resentment through the lives of twin boys. Matt Nable is currently starring in East West 101 on SBS TV.

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We Don't Live Here Anymore

I used to think I didn't fit in, but now I realise I do. We all have our place; some just never find it.

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