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Marvyn Harrison

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Marvyn Harrison is an inspirational leader who is able to deliver business goals and vision using sound strategy, communication, and people management. Respected as a credible source of knowledge of community strategy, Marvyn is able to drive culture change and deliver tangible results across business, projects, and campaigns. Marvyn has been listed by Forbes, HSBC and Black British Business Awards as one of the top Black Business people to watch and follow.

His leadership experience as the founder and driving force behind Dope Black CIC, an educational and healing platform designed to improve the outcomes of black people, has seen him become the voice of the Black community across the UK, US, and African continent.

Previously Marvyn was a consultant across music, film, and TV and delivering successful campaigns for Sony, Universal, Ciroc, Playstation, and W Hotel. His ability to provide insights into trends allowed him to embed brands and products deep in the cultural psyche of its consumers in order to provide a platform to drive mainstream success.

Marvyn is now Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of BELOVD Agency a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agency with the goal of culturally transforming business around the world to become fairer and sustainable.

Books by Marvyn Harrison

Dope Black Dads

A vital guide to positive, life-affirming and joyful Black fatherhood, from the founder of Dope Black Dads.

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