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Martin Gilbert

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Sir Martin Gilbert was Winston Churchill's official biographer, and one of Britain's leading historians. His The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy is considered the classic work on the subject, and he is the author of more than sixty other books, including Churchill: A Life, First World War,Second World War, Israel: A History, A History of the Twentieth Century, The Righteous, Auschwitz and the Allies and Jerusalem in the 20th Century.

Martin Gilbert died in February 2015.

Books by Martin Gilbert

The Righteous

Story of the unsung heroes and heroines of the Holocaust, the 'Righteous Gentiles', brave individuals all over occupied Europe who hid, protected and helped Jews.

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Auschwitz And The Allies

'A story that needs to be remembered. It is here told by a real historian.whose style is the more moving by being objective and controlled.' Hugh Trevor-Roper, The Times

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