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Marita Lorenz

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Ilona Marita Lorenz was born in Germany in 1939 and as a child, was interned in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In the years that followed, she often sailed with her father who was captain of a ship and in 1959, she met Fidel Castro, with whom she fell in love with. Later the CIA would recruit and send her to assassinate Fidel – and act she was unable to commit. Her life would take many more twists and turns – including having a child with ex-dictator of Venezuela, Marcos Pérez Jiménez; testifying about the John G Kennedy assassination; becoming a party girl with close ties to the New York Mafia, as well as a police informant. She lives in America.

Books by Marita Lorenz

The Spy Who Loved Castro

The fascinating story of Marita Lorenz, now the subject of a major film starring Jennifer Lawrence

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