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Maria Boyle was born in Donegal and ended up in Dublin to complete a PhD in science. She now lives in Dublin with her husband, one-eyed cat and identical twin girls. Although a (possibly) respected scientist, she is better known as the cartoonist Twisteddoodles. Twisteddoodles started by accident in the hope of marrying her love of jokes with her ability to draw a discernible face. Her work has appeared all over the world and has been translated into many different languages. Twisteddoodles cartoons are inspired by her real-life adventures and cover areas such as science, coffee, news events, modern life and, more recently, parenting. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @Twisteddoodles and sometimes you can find her in a supermarket asking her children not to touch everything.

Books by Maria Boyle

Twisteddoodles - The Newborn Identity

A sharply observed and witty take on parenting from illustrator and internet sensation TwistedDoodles.

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