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M C Scott
Photo Credit: Jerry Bauer

MC Scott qualified as a veterinary surgeon and taught at the University of Cambridge before turning a lifelong passion for the ancient world into a best-selling writing career.

As well as undertaking research in the University library for this series of novels, Scott is noted for the depth, accuracy and textured depictions of life in Roman times. She and has spent weeks living in a roundhouse, has learned to make Roman swords and driven horses in harness the better to bring the detail to life. As Chair of the Historical Writers' Association, Scott is active in the promotion of all forms of historical writing.

For more information on all aspects of her work, visit: www.mcscott.co.ukFor the Historical Writers' Association, see: www.TheHWA.co.uk

Books by M C Scott

Raven Feeder (Storycuts)

An exclusive short story: an alternate history of the defeat of Olaf Trygvason, King of Norway, who forcefully implemented the Christian conversion of Orkney and Norway.

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Grave Gold/Dream Walker/Pantera II (Storycuts)

Three short stories: the unearthing of an ancient burial site of female warriors leads to the hope that the final resting place of Boudica has been discovered; a village makes a ritualistic sacrifice to their gods as a means of ending winter and bringing about summer; and an alternate opening chapter to Rome : The Eagle of the Twelfth.

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The Last Roman in Britain (Storycuts)

An exclusive short story: a vision of what life would have been like if Boudica and the Celts had rid Britain of the Romans.

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