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Kelvin Cruickshank exhibited psychic abilities from an early age. He could hear and feel spirits around him, but had no idea what it all meant. Today, he is a gifted psychic medium with accuracy that is stunning to observe. In addition to his role on the popular investigative television series Sensing Murder, he has appeared twice on Colin Fry’s UK series 6ixth Sense. He is the author of six bestselling books including Walking in Light, Bridging the Gap, Finding the Path, Inside the Medium, Taking the Journey and Soul Secrets. Kelvin runs sell-out workshops and events, and in his spare time he loves fishing, diving and listening to Pink Floyd.

Books by Kelvin Cruickshank

'In my life, I’ve had an amazing number of beautiful connections with spirit. At first I thought it was normal and everyone could see what I was seeing, but I soon came to realise that was not the case.' Kelvin Cruickshank
'He takes the opportunity to communicate the values of validating those we love and unconditional love, not taking anyone or anything for granted, always being open, honest and true, and teaching children to respect themselves and others.' stuff.co.nz
'Everyone of us can find the peacefulness and pure love of spirit in our own life.' Kelvin Cruickshank