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Juliet Nicholas
Photo Credit: Juliet Nicholas

Juliet Nicholas

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Juliet Nicholas was given a camera by her parents at the age of seven, sparking a lifelong fascination with photography. Over the past 30 years her photography has featured regularly in New Zealand's leading lifestyle magazines and she has worked on several books, including The Quake Year by Fiona Farrell. Living and working in Christchurch, Juliet has had first-hand experience of the recent earthquakes, and has felt compelled to record their impact on her city since the first one struck in September 2010.

When she is not working, Juliet can be found tending her garden or escaping to the wilderness of Stewart Island, where she delights in tramping, fishing and enjoying the bounty of the great outdoors.

Books by Juliet Nicholas


A look at gardens that are living works of art, developed by creative women all around New Zealand.

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