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Dr John Clarke has completed studies and research in psychology in the areas of psychopaths in the workplace, criminal profiling, serial rape, animal cruelty offenders and sexual homicide crime scene analysis. He works as a consultant to corporations experiencing problems with a suspected workplace psychopath, as well as with victims of workplace psychopaths. He has also worked as a consultant for the NSW Police in developing offender profiles. He has lectured on psychopaths in the workplace, criminal profiling, abnormal psychology and criminal psychology at the University of Sydney, as well as to members of various law enforcement agencies, legal practitioners and psychologists. John has commented on criminal psychology and workplace psychopaths in print media, radio and television, both in Australia and overseas. Further information on workplace psychopaths and related topics can be found at www.drjohnclarke.com.

Books by John Clarke

Pocket Psycho

From the bestselling author of WORKING WITH MONSTERS.

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Working With Monsters

How to identify and protect yourself from the workplace psychopath.

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