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Gregory Day
Photo Credit: (c) Gregory Day

Gregory Day is a writer, poet and musician whose debut novel, The Patron Saint of Eels (2005), won the prestigious Australian Literature Society Gold Medal in 2006. His CDs include The Black Tower: Songs From The Poetry Of WB Yeats, which was hailed by the Yeats Society of Ireland as the finest musical interpretations of Yeats ever made, and The Flash Road: Scenes From The Building Of The Great Ocean Road. His second novel, Ron McCoy's Sea Of Diamonds (2007), was shortlisted for the 2008 NSW Premiers Prize for Fiction. He lives with his family on the southwest coast of Victoria.

Books by Gregory Day

The Moth Mass

An original story from the author of The Grand Hotel

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The Moth Mass (Storycuts)

A brand new story from the author of The Grand Hotel.

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The Grand Hotel

Strange things are happening at the Grand Hotel...

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