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Geoffrey Blainey is one of Australia's most significant and popular historians. He has written forty books including The Tyranny of Distance, Triumph of the Nomads, A Shorter History of Australia, Black Kettle and Full Moon, and the bestselling A Short History of the World. In 2000 Professor Blainey was the recipient of Australia's highest honour, Companion in the Order of Australia (AC). He is listed by the National Trust as a 'Living Treasure'.

Books by Geoffrey Blainey

The Story of Australia’s People
A Shorter History of Australia
A Short History of Christianity
Charles Court: I Love This Place
Sea of Dangers: Captain Cook and his Rivals
A Short History of the Twentieth Century
A Very Short History of the World
Black Kettle & Full Moon: Daily Life in a Vanished Australia
Black Kettle and Full Moon
The Rush That Never Ended
A Short History of the World