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David Fisher

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David Fisher was approached by script editor Anthony Read to write for Doctor Who and the result was the 100th story, The Stones of Blood, transmitted in 1978. Fisher first met Read when the latter was setting up a series called The Troubleshooters in 1965. Fisher went on to write for Orlando (1967), Dixon of Dock Green (1969), Sutherland's Law (1973) and General Hospital (1977). As well as The Stones of Blood, Fisher also contributed The Androids of Tara, The Creature from the Pit and The Leisure Hive to Doctor Who. The first two stories were novelised by Terrance Dicks, but Fisher decided to pen the latter two himself for the Target range.

Following his work on Doctor Who, Fisher wrote for Hammer House of Horror (1980), Hammer Mystery and Suspense (1984) and collaborated with Read on a number of historical books with subjects including World War Two espionage, the Nazi persecution of Jews and the Nazi/Soviet pact of the early 1940s.

Books by David Fisher

Doctor Who: The Androids of Tara

42 years on from Terrance Dicks' original novelization, David Fisher adapts his Tom Baker-era Doctor Who adventure into a wickedly witty new Target Book

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Doctor Who: The Stones of Blood

42 years on from the original novelization, author David Fisher lovingly adapts his acclaimed Tom Baker - era adventure into a glorious new Target Book

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The Proudest Day

A vivid, colourful and fast-paced account of the events leading up to an Indian independence in 1947.

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