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Anthony Read

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Anthony Read became a full-time writer after a successful career in television production. He is the author of The Devil's Disciples (Cape, 2003) and has co-written a number of books with David Fisher, including Berlin: The Biography of a City, The Fall of Berlin,The Proudest Day: India's Long Road to Independence (both available from Pimlico), Operation Lucy, Colonel Z, The Deadly Embrace and Kristallnacht, for which they were awarded the H. H. Wingate Prize in 1989.

Books by Anthony Read

The World On Fire

A gripping study of the year 1919, in which Bolshevik ideology and revolutionary sentiment spread tension and terror throughout the world.

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The Devil's Disciples

A highly readable and original account of Hitler's closest lieutenants.

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The Proudest Day

A vivid, colourful and fast-paced account of the events leading up to an Indian independence in 1947.

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