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Bob Lea is a UK artist with an advertising background. His work includes the cover of Tongue-Tied! by Paul Jennings, as well as the covers of all nine Paul Jennings' backlist UN-titles (including Quirky Tails!), Paul Jennings' Spookiest, TrickiestĀ and Funniest collections, among many others.

Bob is most notably the co-creator with Paul Jennings of theĀ Rascal series of books for beginner readers, featuring Rascal the Dragon. The giant software company Maxon employs Bob Lea as a tester, so Bob's cutting edge 3-D illustrations are created using state of the art computer software and he is a leader in this field. Matched with his artist's eye and an apparent hotwire to childhood, Bob's originality and a zany sense of humour that he shares with Paul make him a brilliant match for these stories. Bob Lea lives in a small, picturesque village in the Cotswolds. He is married and has a son, who, like the boy in the Rascal stories, is called Ben!