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Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan is a full-time writer who lives on Bruny Island, Tasmania. She has a PhD in Writing, for which she won a university medal, and a Master of Education Degree. She has worked as a journalist, public sector administrator, teacher and professional actor.

She is the author of eight children’s books and one full-length volume of poetry.

Books by Anne Morgan

Captain Clawbeak And The Ghostly Galleon

A chilling rescue mission in faraway seas involving a ghostly galleon and a woman who can whistle up a storm!

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Captain Clawbeak

“Waark, Doc’s having a babyling!” Captain Clawbeak can’t keep a family secret and will do anything to be in on the act.

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Captain Clawbeak And The Red Herring

‘Ahoy there, Johnnycake! Captain Clawbeak’s the name’. Feather duster one-eyed parrot, Clawbeak, escapes from Fang, the cat from hell, and is rescued by a boy on a mission to find the perfect pirate story.

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