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Andrew Matheson

Andrew Matheson

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Andrew Matheson was a founding member of The Hollywood Brats, the band that never really was. When the group prematurely imploded, Andrew left the music industry in a huff to play football in North America. When he became exhausted by chasing a fat man called Eusebio around the pitch for 90 minutes, he rejoined the world of music with ‘Monterey Shoes'. He has since been writing music, producing, publishing magazine articles and recording more critically acclaimed music. Although now thrice removed from the louche lounge-wizard he once was he still has all his own hair and the majority of his own teeth, and is looking forward to the re-release of the classic Brats music by Cherry Red Records.

Books by Andrew Matheson

Sick On You

The real story of The Hollywood Brats and how punk should have begun

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