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Andrew Fox was born in 1964 and grew up inNorth Miami Beach, Florida. He attended LoyolaUniversity in New Orleans, where he studied socialwork and wrote a fantasy play for visually-handi-capped children that involved the audience rubbingtheir hands on a vaseline-coated foam rubber mer-maid's tail and sniffing spoiled sardines. He hasworked as manager of the Louisiana CommoditySupplemental Food Program, a federally-fundedmonthly nutrition program for low-income seniorcitizens. In 1995, following the death of his cousinin the French Quarter on New Year's Eve due to afalling bullet, he helped found the New Year Coali-tion, an advocacy group that helps educate the pub-lic about the dangers of celebratory gunfire. Also in1995, he joined a monthly writing workshop found-ed by award-winning SF author George AleeEffinger.