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With decades of experience teaching yoga, master yogi Alan Finger founded Yoga Zone in 1992. The company is known for its catalog, instructional videos, popular Web site, meditation CDs, and television show, which airs on Wisdom Television and the Comcast Network. Alan also founded the Be Yoga studios in New York City in 2001.

Books by Alan Finger

The Genius of Yoga

Discover the transformational power of yogic meditation--a practice that goes beyond mindfulness to help you access your innate "inner genius" and source of creative inspiration.

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Tantra Of The Yoga Sutras

A readable, accessible version of the ancient classic primer on the practice of yoga--interpreted by a contemporary Tantric yoga master.

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Chakra Yoga

Popular yoga teacher Alan Finger offers easy-to-follow instructions for balancing the chakras or energy centers of the body.

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