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Article  •  5 February 2024


Some of the most anticipated YA books of 2024

Exciting upcoming books for YA readers.

2024 is here, and there are so many wonderful YA books to look forward to.

Scroll on to read about some of the most highly anticipated releases coming this year. TBRs at the ready!

Some of the most anticipated YA books of 2024


Little White Lies book cover.

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

A twisty, gasp-inducing and addictive duology from the bestselling author of The Inheritance Games series. A six-figure offer. A family mystery to solve. A town of buried secrets. Sawyer reluctantly joins the high society world of debutantes in an attempt to find out the truth about her father, but what she finds is much worse. Out January. (Plus, keep an eye out for the second book, Deadly Little Scandals.)



A Cruel Twist of Fate book cover

A Cruel Twist of Fate by H.F. Askwith

From the author of A Dark Inheritance comes another gloriously gothic mystery-thriller. When seventeen-year-old Helena is sent to become a governess for the Cauldwell family at Archfall Manor, she has no idea of the sinister secrets they are hiding. After a great storm and two murders, paranoia runs rampant and Helena wonders how far she is willing to take her own dark plan to get what she deserves.



The Grandest Game book cover.

The Grandest Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

An exciting new spin-off of the bestselling TikTok sensation The Inheritance Games, where fan-favourites and new characters collide in a game you’ll never forget. Seven tickets. An island of dreams. The chance of a lifetime. Out August.




The Ivocations book cover.

The Invocations by Krystal Sutherland

From the bestselling author of House of Hollow comes a darkly seductive witchy thriller where, though both men and demons lurk in shadows, girls refuse to go quietly into the night. Zara wants her dead sister back. Jude wants to lift a demon’s curse. Emer holds the invocations to fulfil both their requests. With a serial killer hot on their trail, the three girls rise to face the darkness together.



Snow Globe book cover.

Snowglobe by Soyoung Park

In a world of constant winter, only the citizens of the climate-controlled city of Snowglobe can escape the bitter cold – but this perfect society is hiding dark and dangerous secrets within its frozen heart. Outsider Chobahm lives for the time she spends watching the television shows produced inside of Snowglobe, until one day when the opportunity arises to enter Snowglobe and replace one of the characters on the show. Out March.



The Bad Ones book cover.

The Bad Ones by Melissa Albert

Goddess, Goddess, count to five. In the morning, who’s alive? One town. One night. Four people missing. As Nora struggles to unravel the mystery, it's clear there are dark forces at work in her town – and they’re willing to stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried deep. Out March.



One By One They Disappear book cover.

One by One They Disappear by Mike Lucas

The fog is coming. And when it does, everything disappears. A frighteningly creepy supernatural thriller that chills to the bone with imagined and real horrors. Out May.



Eleanor Jones Can't Keep a Secret book cover.

Eleanor Jones Can’t Keep a Secret by Amy Doak

The sequel to the bestselling debut, Eleanor Jones is Not a Murderer. Out July.



Such Charming Liars holding cover.

Such Charming Liars by Karen M. McManus

Another page-turning murder mystery from the author of One of Us is LyingOut July.



Contemporary fiction

Wrong Answers Only book cover.

Wrong Answers Only by Tobias Madden

High school graduate and soon-to-be medical student Marco is a perfectionist who has always done everything right. Now, after facing crippling panic attacks, Marco needs a new plan – it’s time to get a few things wrong. Postponing university to sail the Mediterranean on a cruise ship and hook up with a hot dancer is only the beginning. Out April.



I Hope This Doesn't Find You book cover.


I Hope This Doesn’t Find You by Ann Liang

Unforgettable, snarky and romantic, this is Never Have I Ever meets To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before if Lara Jean wrote hate emails instead of love letters. Out March.




Where the Dark Stands Still book cover.

Where the Dark Stands Still by A.B. Poranek

This sweeping gothic fairytale romantasy is a richly evocative and feminist reimagining of Beauty and the Beast. It follows the story of Liska, a girl who takes her magic too far, and Leszy, a boy demon warden of the wood who lives in a crumbling manor. When Leszy strikes a bargain with Liska to exchange one year of servitude for her freedom, she is unsettled to discover a spool of secrets haunting her host. Out March.



Of Jade and Dragons book cover.

Of Jade and Dragons by Amber Chen

When eighteen-year-old Aihui Ying disguises herself as her brother to seek revenge for her father’s death, she’s thrown into a world she knows nothing about. The secrets behind her father’s death lie behind the walls of the Engineers Guild – the home to the past he tried to run away from. With an unlikely (very handsome) ally by her side, she’ll have to navigate rules, challenges and politics she can barely understand in order to survive. Out June.



The End Crowns All holding cover.

The End Crowns All by Bea Fitzgerald

The second fierce, fresh and enormously fun YA Greek myth fantasy re-imagining from Bea Fitzgerald, growing TikTok superstar and Sunday Times bestselling author of Girl, Goddess, Queen. Out July.



A Drop of Venom book cover.

A Drop of Venom by Sajni Patel

An unapologetically feminist retelling of the Medusa myth steeped in Indian mythology. Manisha has spent her life running from monsters, and Pratyush has spent his slaying them. When the two encounter the pit of vipers, everything changes. Out April.



To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods book cover.

To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods by Molly X. Chang

Red Queen meets These Violent Delights and Iron Widow in an epic anti-colonial fantasy. Known as The Girl Blessed by Death, Ruying wants only to survive, but when her magic is discovered by an enemy prince she must decide if saving her family is worth betraying her country. Out April.



The Girl with No Reflection by Keshe Chow

A young woman chosen as the crown prince’s bride must travel to the royal palace to meet her new husband, but her world is shaken when she discovers the dark truth the royal family has been hiding for centuries. A lush fantasy debut perfect for fans of Amelie Wen Zhao and Iron Widow. Out August.


Featured Titles

Little White Lies
Welcome to the twisty, gasp-inducing world of the Debutantes - an addictive YA mystery duology from the author of #1 bestselling, TikTok sensation Inheritance Games series.
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A Cruel Twist of Fate
And Then There Were None meets The Inheritance Games, with a heavy dash of The Woman in Black, in this gloriously gothic YA mystery-thriller
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The Grandest Game
Return to the world of the #1 bestselling, TikTok sensation, Inheritance Games series in this brand new spin-off series, where fan-favourite and new characters collide in a game you'll never forget.
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The Invocations
AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An Amazon Best Book of the Month for YA – February 2024 From the author of New York Times bestseller House of Hollow comes a darkly seductive witchy thriller where, though both men and demons lurk in shadows, girls refuse to go quietly into the night.
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A groundbreaking Korean YA thriller, for fans of Squid Game, Black Mirror and The Hunger Games.
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The Bad Ones
House of Hollow meets A Good Girl's Guide to Murder - a YA supernatural thriller about four disappearances in a town haunted by a dark magical history - and one girl's search for the truth.
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One By One They Disappear
The fog is coming. And when it does, everything disappears . . .
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Eleanor Jones Can’t Keep a Secret
Eleanor Jones stirs up more mystery and danger in this fast-paced YA mystery.
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Wrong Answers Only
Marco's always done the right thing. But now it's time for wrong answers only.
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I Hope This Doesn’t Find You
Unforgettable, snarky and romantic, I Hope This Doesn't Find You is Never Have I Ever meets To All the Boys I've Loved Before if Lara Jean wrote hate emails instead of love letters.
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Where the Dark Stands Still
A sweeping gothic fairytale romance for fans of Adalyn Grace, Brigid Kemmerer and V.E Schwab.
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Rick Riordan Presents: A Drop of Venom
Circe goes YA in this unapologetically feminist retelling of the Medusa myth steeped in Indian mythology, a YA epic fantasy addition to the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.
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To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods
Red Queen meets These Violent Delights and Iron Widow in an epic anti-colonial YA fantasy from debut author Molly X. Chang.
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House of Light and Ether
From USA Today bestselling author Leia Stone comes the final book in the addictive Gilded City series, about a girl who must battle curses, dark powers, and her own heart. This world of dazzling fae magic and romantic pining is perfect for fans of Wednesday and Holly Black.
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Such Charming Liars
From international bestselling author and the QUEEN OF TEEN CRIME Karen McManus comes a brand-new, explosive YA thriller.
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The End Crowns All
The second fierce, fresh and enormously fun YA Greek myth fantasy re-imagining from Bea Fitzgerald, growing TikTok superstar and Sunday Times bestselling author of Girl, Goddess, Queen.
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