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Article  •  18 August 2023


Contemplating a life change? You need to read this cosy Japanese fiction

Reviewers agree – if you’re feeling in a rut, it’s time to read What You Are Looking For is in the Library. Learn more and see what readers are saying about it.

Contemplating a life change? If so, it’s time you reach for the novel, What You Are Looking for is in the Library

If you’re wondering how fiction will help you through real-life challenges – well – that’s even more reason to give this book a try!

'What You Are Looking for is in the Library' book cover.

About What You Are Looking for is in the Library

What You Are Looking for is in the Library is a Japanese bestseller all about the life-changing power of books. Five stories converge on one common character, Sayuri Komachi. A librarian by trade, Sayuri has a special gift for providing book recommendations that fulfil customers’ deepest desires.

Already loved by thousands of readers around the world, the inspirational tale teaches us to listen to our hearts, seize opportunities and fulfil our long-held dreams.

Reasons to read it

  • You love Japanese fiction
  • You’re looking for a cosy read
  • You need inspiration to take a big step in your life
  • You’re a fan of magical realism
  • You love books (and books about books)
  • You want a quick but brilliant weekend read

What readers are saying

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A post shared by Emma | Books (@neverawaste)

‘Reading this at this particular moment in my life felt like fate. Hopefully everyone reading it will have some sort of moment like that as it really added to my reading experience.’ – @neverawaste
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A post shared by S 📖 (@bookishmornings)

‘One thing I truly loved was the non-obvious and non-judgmental advice provided by the librarian. Her calming presence brought stability to the characters, enabling them to see their challenges from new perspectives. Moreover, her guidance brought some of them together in unexpected ways, creating heartwarming connections.’ – @bookishmornings
‘This is an incredibly sweet, charming, and wholesome novel about feeling lost, and finding your way with the help and support of others.’ – Willow Heath, Books & Bao
‘Awhhh this book. This book is exactly what I need in my current state of life . . . I'm glad this book got a translation because I think it’s the book for everyone who is going through hard times in their life, the questions we might ask at some point in our life when it comes to jobs, the uncertainty of the future, and this book provided possible situations and I believe we can relate to these characters.’ – Bella Azam on Goodreads
‘It really is a homage to books and reading, and the way another's words can sometimes change our lives. Highly recommended to book lovers in general and especially fans of Japanese modern fiction. I am giving it 5 stars.’ – Nicki J. Markus on Goodreads
‘I felt it came at the right time for me where I am considering changing things up in my own life and hearing about encouraging stories did feel of a comfort. This book feels warm and fuzzy, perfect for a day of self-reflecting whilst curled up with a cat on your lap and a cup of something sweet and warm.’ – Spacey Amy on Goodreads

Complete the scene

Ready to dive into a feel-good reading session?

Here are a few pointers to set the mood.

  • Set up a cosy reading space: Grab your favourite blanket, dim the lights, and maybe play some soft instrumental music in the background.
  • Prep some sustenance: Once you start reading, you won’t want to put this book down, so we suggest having some food and drinks at the ready. Brew a cup of tea, bake the ultimate chocolate chip cookies and you’ll be ready to go!
  • Gather some backup books: After you turn the last page, your heart will be yearning for a new read to replace What You Are Looking for is in the Library. To avoid the post-reading hangover, stock up on a few similar titles to move on to next. She and her CatNorwegian Wood and Anxious People are all great options.

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